The Viking VTS is one of a new range of trilaminate lightweight, but robust suits designed for use by divers where contaminated water is not an issue, but strength and puncture resistance is a must. VTS suits feature stitched external seams, and internal seams sealed utilising our unique “Vulca Seam technology”. VTS suits are easy to transport due to the low weight, and ease of storage. Materials offered include Cordura, Nylon and Polyester to suit every divers requirements. VTS suits are in use worldwide with not only sports and technical divers, but also special forces, Police dive teams and fire rescue squads.

  • Lightweight puncture and abrasion resistant materials
  • Unique “Vulca Seam Technology” ensures complete watertightness
  • Range of material weights and types to suit all needs
  • Front entry adjustable torso models with external crotch strap
  • Rear entry models



Three material options are available as follows:

450 g/m2 Cordura textured outer / Butyl midply / Polyester inner. Light and strong. Good puncture and abrasion resistance

350 g/m2 Nylon outer / Butyl midply / Nylon inner. Lighter and more flexible than Cordura. Equally good puncture and abrasion resistance. Smooth close knit exterior surface.

400 g/m2 Polyester outer / Butyl midply / Polyester inner. Softer warmer feel than nylon. Good puncture and abrasion resistance


Cordura and Nylon: Black/black

Polyester: Black/black


External seams stitched together. Internal seams are chemically treated and then an uncured rubber tape is applied to the seams using heat and pressure. Finally the suit is placed inside a vulcaniser whereby the rubber tape becomes cured into the material surface. This is known as “Vulca Seam technology”.


VTS material is inherently abrasion and puncture resistant. Shaped “Superfabric” knee pads featuring flexible cut and abrasion resistant guard plates are fitted to the legs above and below the knees. Drain holes are also fitted to the pads.