The Viking VSN is a comfortable, stretchy and durable drysuit manufactured from a unique rubber based material. VSN is a triple layered material comprising of a middle rubber layer with Armatex nylon on the external and internal surfaces. This suit is designed for use by technical divers, police underwater dive teams, military divers, and anyone who requires a drysuit with high degrees of abrasion and puncture resistance.

  • Unique stretch material manufactured by Trelleborg
  • “Vulca Seam” technology
  • Highly abrasion and puncture resistant
  • Neutrally buoyant material
  • Front and rear entry versions available.
  • Front entry suits feature an adjustable torso with external crotch strap



Trilaminate construction. Mid ply of NR/EPDM rubber. External and internal knitted Armatex jersey nylon. Average material weight 1100 +/- 100 g/m2. Material is totally non compressible. Material is also neutrally buoyant.




External seams stitched together with an elastic tape for security. Internal seams are chemically treated and then an uncured rubber tape is applied to the seams using heat and pressure. Finally the suit is placed inside a vulcaniser whereby the rubber tape becomes cured into the material surface. This is known as “Vulca Seam technology “.


VSN material is inherently abrasion and puncture resistant. Shaped “Superfabric” knee pads featuring flexible cut and abrasion resistant guard plates are fitted to the legs above and below the knees. Drain holes are also fitted to the pads.