The Viking DIVERS DRESS is based on the Viking HD, and is manufactured with a touch of nostalgia for those divers who continue to dive using traditional helmets like the Siebe Gorman 12 bolt. Built to replace the old canvas coated rubber suits, in a style more suited to 21st century demands for diving in water which may be contaminated.

  • Internal stitched and taped seams
  • External vulcanised seams
  • Easy to clean exterior when contaminated
  • Easy to repair in the field to minimise downtime
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Most popular rubber collars available



Material is a blend of natural and synthetic rubbers (NR/EPDM), on a two way stretch knitted polyester lining. Total material weight is 1550 +/- 100 g/m2.


Red with black reinforcements, or all black.


Internal seams stitched together with an elastic tape for security. External seams vulcanised with a 25mm rubber tape. Vulcanising is a chemical bonding process, ensuiring watertight seams.


Additional layers of  anti slip textured rubber are applied to areas at risk of wear. The front of the legs from above the knee, down to the boots, and around the boots are also protected from abrasion and puncturing.