Versatile suit with excellent chemical resistance and durability, both for the hazmat team and for the industrial user. Certified to the toughest standard in Europe and with an extensive reference list, it is one of the most popular suits in the Trellchem gastight suit range.

  • An all-round suit
  • Excellent permeation times
  • Durable



Trellchem® VPS comes in three different designs to fit all user preferences:

  • Encapsulating design* type CV
  • Encapsulating design* type VP1 (larger visor)
  • Non-encapsulating design** type T

* SCBA worn inside the suit. ** SCBA worn outside the suit.


A well-proven combination of rubber and a multilayer chemical barrier provides excellent chemical protec­tion for > 8 hours against a wide range of chemicals, as well as great abrasion and flame resistance.


The seams are stitched with aramide thread for superior strength and durability. On outside the seam is sealed with a glued-on rubber tape and on inside a welded-on barrier laminate tape. The welded-on barrier tape provides a continuous barrier layer across the seam, giving the same chemical protection as the garment material itself.


Yellow (standard) or Graphite (upon request)