The true workhorse of the Trellchem® gastight suit range. Highly chemical resistant and durable, yet soft and flexible, and with an outstanding performance record it has users within all areas.

  • Viton® rubber top-coating
  • Approved for work in explosive atmospheres – NEW!
  • Long permeation times
  • Excellent durability
  • Soft & flexibilty



Trellchem® Super comes in four different designs to fit all user preferences:

  • Encapsulating design* type CV
  • Encapsulating design* type VP1 (larger visor)
  • Non-encapsulating design** type T
  • Encapsulating for use with external air source, type Freeflow

* SCBA worn inside the suit. ** SCBA worn outside the suit.


The Trellchem® Super material is based on a Nylon fabric coated with high-performance elastomers. This construction maximizes strength and durability while maintaining softness and flexibility. The combination of antstatic butyl rubber with Viton® on top offers an outstanding resistance to chemical attack from a wide range of dif­ferent chemicals.


Seams are stitched and sealed inside and outside with a glued-on tape, made of the same rubber type as the fabric coating.