Two-piece encapsulating suit specifically designed for first response at chemical accidents, providing protection against hazardous chemical splashes. The suit is easily worn over a fire suit and breathing apparatus.

  • Encapsulating jacket & bib trousers
  • First respons splash suit
  • Donned in a few seconds



A two-piece encapsulating design with hump which allows for a SCBA to be worn inside the suit. The jacket is of anorak type with zippers on both sides and an elastic band all way around the lower edge. The trousers covers a good part over the waist line, are fitted with suspenders and have open legs with zippers for easy donning.

The jacket comes in two different designs: Splash 1000 with visor and Splash 1000S with mask seal which eliminates the risk of fogging problems on the visor in cold climate.


The Trellchem® Splash 1000 material is made of a strong and flexible fabric, coated on both sides with PVC. This construction provides durable material with good resistance to a wide range of industrial chemicals, specially acids and alkalis.


Double welded seams.