Top of the line hazmat suit providing maximum protection against the most aggressive chemicals in all forms, including warfare agents. Approved to the world’s toughest standards, EN 943-2 and NFPA 1991 including the optional chemical flash fire and liquefied gas protection requirements.

  • An “All inclusive” hazmat suit
  • Chemically resistant Viton® rubber top coating
  • Outstanding permeation times
  • Nomex® base fabric
  • Flash fire resistant
  • U.S. Patent awarded for the garment material!



Trellchem® EVO comes in three different designs to fit all user preferences:

  • Encapsulating design* type CV
  • Encapsulating design* type VP1 (larger visor)
  • Non-encapsulating design** type T

* SCBA worn inside the suit. ** SCBA worn outside the suit.


The combination of elastomers and plastics with a Nomex® fabric makes a strong and flexible material that offers an outstanding chemical barrier – more than 24 hours protec­tion against a wide range of chemicals including warfare agents – coupled with an excellent resistance to attack from aggressive chemicals (provided by the outer Viton® layer) and flame resistance. The material has impressive abrasion resistance, withstands flash fire & liquefied gas, is antistatic and fulfils all garment material requirements of the most demanding standards in the world without any added protection required. U.S. Patent.


The seams are stitched with aramide thread for superior strength and durability. On outside the seam is sealed with a glued-on rubber tape and on inside a welded-on barrier laminate tape. The welded-on barrier tape provides a continuous barrier layer across the seam, giving the same chemical protection as the garment material itself.


Red (standard) or Olive green (upon request).